We are a young, but well-prepared language school.

Our goal is to teach people to communicate effectively. To achieve it we hire high-qualified, experienced native speakers, whose passion is teaching foreigners. That’s why during lessons they focus on student’s satisfaction and all practical aspects of language. Lessons are stressless and our teachers care for a pleasant atmosphere. What’s more, a diligently prepared teaching programme includes modern techniques of creative learning and memorization. Contact us to get more information and details!


Michał Matysiak

I work with people of different nationalities every day.
I see the need for learning Polish in a practical approach, effectively and at many levels of difficulty.
I want our language school to be adapted to the individual needs and abilities of our students
(respecting the working time and other commitments of our students).


Krzysztof Lewandowski

I have worked with languages for quite a long time.
I love teaching others and learning new languages so that’s why teaching is pure pleasure for me.
Being into linguistics definitely helps becoming a more and more experienced teacher!

Marta Roszak

Helping others getting knowledge (especially teaching Polish) is so satisfying for me.
That's the reason why my lessons are so entertaining!
I always plan my lessons to be creative and full of positive energy.
Moreover, I’m responsible for developing our language school and learning sections.

Emilia Ratyńska

Language is the most important.
It allows us to explore the world.
We can learn and teach, exchange our experiences and understand each other.
This is why I love language so much.
Explaining pronunciation of polish is so satysfying.
By teaching my own language, I show you new part of the world.

Zuzanna Markowska

I love learning new languages and meeting people from all over the world. Through language, we can get to know a new culture, customs and meet new interesting people. I hope that by teaching you Polish I will show you a new piece of the world.