Our courses are tailored to you and your needs. Check our offer and learn Polish immediately!

  • Courses with well-qualified native speakers
  • Ebooks for enhancing daily communication
  • Tips and practical knowledge about Poland and Polish
  • Special services just for you

Individual lesson

Individual for individuals! Do you want to learn at your own pace and work on preferred topics? Do you want to master Polish fast and...

Lesson in pair

Not only couples! Have you ever thought about joining a class with your partner? Our lessons in pairs are the perfect solution! We can adjust...

Lesson in group

Group of three! With three students and one teacher, you’ll have the opportunity to practise speaking and communication skills in a small group setting, what...

Lesson in group

Group of five! Discover the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Polish language learning! Join our dynamic online lessons where you’ll...

Lesson in group

Group of ten! Looking for an affordable way to learn Polish in a group? Our group lessons with ten students and one teacher are just...


Looking to improve your Polish conversation skills? Our conversation lessons are just what you need! With 5 hours of personalised lessons, we’ll tailor our curriculum...

Polish pronunciation

Are you struggling with Polish pronunciation? Our 10-hour course is designed to help you master the sounds of the Polish language. Our experienced teachers will...

Preparation for the B1 exam

Are you preparing for the B1 exam and need some extra help? Our school offers 10 hours of online revision sessions for a total cost...

Introduction to Polish culture

In these 20 hours of online learning, you will gain a deeper understanding of the customs, traditions, and way of life in Poland.

Extra services

We offer extra services for you. We can help you with Polish in an emergency and we can prepare you for your future job.

Language hotline

Support with translations, explaining, guiding in Poland, coordinating and contacting Polish people on demand!

  • Language support

    Language support

    100 PLN/20 EUR We offer an additional language service to our clients who need assistance with translations, explanations, guidance, coordination, and communication with Polish people. With this service, our team is your guide, helping you communicate effectively and efficiently with Polish speakers. We can provide you with the support you …

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Job ready

Our preparation for the job programme is a completely personalised course to prepare you to work in Poland!

  • Preparation for the job

    Preparation for the job

    1499 PLN/289 EUR Looking to improve your chances of success in the job market in Poland? Our “Preparation for the Job” service is here to help! With 30 hours of personalised instruction, you’ll learn everything you need to know about working in a Polish workplace. Our experienced instructors will guide …

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Do you want your workers to start speaking Polish or English? Our Polish and English at work are perfect programs to teach your employees effectively and with an adjusted program and schedule.

Polish for workers

  • Polish for workers

    Polish for workers

    Our “Polish for Workers,” a tailored program designed specifically for your company and employees who need to improve their language skills for work-related purposes. At Pol-Langua we understand that every business and employees have their own specific learning needs. That’s why we offer individualised assessments to determine the best course …

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English for workers

  • English for workers

    English for workers

      Our “English for workers” program is highly flexible and can be adapted to fit the schedule. We can work around your work schedule to find the best times for lessons. We also tailor the course content to your company’s specific needs. Whether you need to improve your employees’ business …

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I was really nervous about speaking Polish with natives before I started at this language school, but the small group classes have made it much easier to practice and get feedback. Now, I feel much more comfortable communicating in Polish.



I have been taking classes at Pol-Langua for six months now, and I have found the approach to be really effective. The teachers focus on practical skills like speaking and listening, which has helped me build my self-confidence.


I have been taking classes at Pol-Langua for six months now, and I have found the approach to be really effective. The teachers focus on practical skills like speaking and listening, which has helped me build my self-confidence.


Pol-Langua was a safe and welcoming environment for me to learn and practice Polish, and I felt supported by the teachers and staff throughout my time there.


I enjoyed the flexibility of Pol-Langua, with classes offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening, making it easy for me to fit classes into my busy schedule.


Attending Pol-Langua school not only helped me learn Polish, but it also allowed me to meet other people from around the world who were learning the language too.


I appreciated the cultural component of Pol-Langua, which gave me an insight into Polish culture and history while learning the language.


Pol-Langua provided me with all the necessary resources, including textbooks and multimedia materials, to help me learn Polish effectively.


The small class sizes at Pol-Langua allowed for personalized instruction and individual attention from the teachers. This helped me improve my Polish language skills quickly.


I loved the interactive approach used by Pol-Langua. I had the opportunity to practice speaking Polish in a comfortable environment, which helped me build my confidence.


The language school was the perfect choice for me to learn Polish as a foreign language. The classes were well-structured, and the teachers were always available to help me with any questions I had.


I had an amazing experience at Pol-Langua. The instructors were patient and supportive, and I made great progress in my Polish language skills.