Language hotline

Support with translations, explaining, guiding in Poland, coordinating and contacting Polish people on demand!

  • Language support

    Language support

    100 PLN/20 EUR We offer an additional language service to our clients who need assistance with translations, explanations, guidance, coordination, and communication with Polish people. With this service, our team is your guide, helping you communicate effectively and efficiently with Polish speakers. We can provide you with the support you …

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Job ready

Our preparation for the job programme is a completely personalised course to prepare you to work in Poland!

  • Preparation for the job

    Preparation for the job

    1499 PLN/289 EUR Looking to improve your chances of success in the job market in Poland? Our “Preparation for the Job” service is here to help! With 30 hours of personalised instruction, you’ll learn everything you need to know about working in a Polish workplace. Our experienced instructors will guide …

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