Misconceptions about Poland and Polish people

Poland is a beautiful and interesting country with a rich history and culture. Unfortunately, some misconceptions about Poland and Polish people still circulate among people around the world. We want to show you some of these errors and explain why they are fake.

Misconceptions about Poland

All Polish people are Catholic

It’s a common belief, but it’s not true. Although Catholicism is the largest religion in Poland, there are also many people of other religions in the country, including Orthodoxy, Judaism, Islam and Protestantism.

Poland is a backward and poor country

This is also a very popular myth, but it does not reflect reality. Poland is a dynamically developing country with one of the fastest economic growth rates in Europe. The country also has many valuable natural and cultural resources.

Polish people are still associated with traditional values

This statement may be true to some extent, but it does not mean that Poles are not open to new trends and innovations. Modern industries, such as information technology, are developing in Poland, and younger generations are increasingly departing from traditional values.

Poland is a dangerous country

This statement is not true. Poland is a safe country with a low crime rate. Of course, as in any other country, you should be careful and watch your possessions. Luckily and surely tourists are not in greater danger here than in other European countries.

Polish people are intolerant towards foreigners

This is another myth. There are people from different cultures and nationalities living in Poland, and most of them are very friendly and helpful to foreigners. There are, of course, individuals who show intolerance, but one cannot generalize from their actions.

Misconceptions about Poland

Poland is a beautiful and dynamically developing country, and Poles are open and friendly people. Unfortunately, many misconceptions still can be heard about this country and its people. That is why it is worth getting to know Poland and People there closer and see their true nature with your own eyes.

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