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About us

Our aim is to help people learn how to communicate effectively in a foreign language. We have a team of experienced and qualified native speakers who love teaching foreigners. Our teachers make sure that students are happy with their lessons and focus on practical aspects of language learning. We want our students to feel relaxed during lessons, and our teachers work hard to create a pleasant atmosphere.

We understand that everyone learns in different ways, so we have created a teaching program that uses modern techniques to help students learn and remember what they have learned. Our goal is to make language learning enjoyable and something that our students will always remember.

What makes us special?

At our language school, we offer a fun and enriching experience for learning Polish. Our teachers are native speakers, highly qualified and experienced. We focus on small groups to encourage speaking and build confidence. Understanding Polish culture is important to us, as it helps students integrate better. We create a relaxed and friendly environment, proven to enhance learning. Join us for a special and memorable journey in learning Polish!

Teaching method

At Pol-Langua, we understand that each student is unique and has their own way of learning. That's why we personalise our teaching approach to match each student's needs. Our practical approach focuses on real-life situations and encourages active participation. With experienced teachers and various methods like role-playing and discussions, we keep students engaged and motivated. We conduct a needs analysis to understand students' goals and learning style, using the appropriate methods and materials. Whether it's visual learning or business English, we tailor the lessons to each student. Our aim is to create an enjoyable and effective learning environment that helps students reach their language goals.

Our headmaster

Michał Matysiak
"As the headmaster of Pol-Langua, I strongly believe in teaching Polish as a foreign language to support the growing number of foreigners in Poland. Our school is dedicated to helping them learn Polish, integrate into society, and experience the rich culture. We provide resources, support, and a well-rounded language learning experience to ensure effective communication and cultural appreciation."

Our board

We make our school a better place for you!

Krzysztof Lewandowski
As a language enthusiast and experienced linguistics professional, teaching is my true passion. By being an educationist, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to each lesson, fueled by my love for languages and helping in learning.
Renata Polisiakiewicz
Project Manager
I am a Project Manager in a language school, responsible for effectively managing diverse educational projects. With my strong organisational skills, leadership abilities, and passion for enhancing educational processes, I consistently achieve success in creating innovative solutions for our students.
Emilia Ratyńska
Social Media
I am in love with using different platforms to engage our online community and promote language learning. With my creativity and multiple ideas, I focus on creating engaging social media strategies that connect with our students.
Piotr Sychta
I am responsible for designing and maintaining our website to ensure an unforgettable online experience for students and visitors. My goal is to create a user-friendly and visually appealing website that effectively showcases our language programs and resources.
Monika Wydra
I bring creativity and visual expertise to effectively communicate our educational message. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for design, I strive to create captivating visuals that enhance the overall learning experience for our students.